DriBoss® Evaporator units deliver high-quality, energy-efficient industrial wastewater evaporation to a variety of industries, such as mining, oil and gas (including coal bed methane) and water treatment. We specialize in water fracturing and fan atomization technology and services, including supplementary equipment -- pumps, automation, valves, weather stations, electrical controls and sensors -- all designed for use in caustic and corrosive industrial environments. We provide design, planning, engineering and installation of all aspects of wastewater evaporation management, with special expertise in equipment automation and computerization. These industrial wastewater evaporation systems have been in use since 1992.


Dust Control Technology, a global leader in dust suppression technology has introduced a new product line of high-efficiency industrial wastewater evaporators and services, initially targeted to mining, oil/gas (including coal bed methane) and water treatment applications.


April 28th, 2011


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